What is PULSE Music Series?

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's newest concert series, Pulse, brings together the worlds of classical music and indie rock onto one stage. Each concert will cross genres, opening with a classical performance by members of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, followed by a set by our featured indie artist, culminating with a unique collaboration between the two groups.

Pulse performances kick-off with a pre-concert party featuring live music, happy hour drink specials, and food from our favorite Baltimore restaurants and breweries.

All concerts will be live broadcast and rebroadcast.
Be part of the LIVE audience!

Live Stream
  • Featured Artist Houndmouth

    Less than a half-decade ago in the small Indiana city of New Albany, four pals were crafting tunes on their own, with few ambitions of turning those songs into a spectacle. That all changed when these friends crossed paths, and joined forces. Matt Myers, Shane Cody, Katie Toupin, and Zak Appleby became the drums and keys, guitars and harmonies of Houndmouth, and those personal numbers became the irrepressible core of an outfit turned magnetic.

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  • Featured Artist Brett Dennen

    As common and simple as it is, "por favor" is such an evocative expression. From Spanish, it translates to "please," a word that suggests a need for something, a desire to make a change. "Por favor' was something I kept saying every day in the studio, and I got the other musicians saying it," says Brett Dennen. "We were goofing around, and Dave Cobb, my producer, said it should be the title of my new record. I laughed it off at first, but then I really thought about it."

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  • Featured Artist Lake Street Dive

    A "side pony," the hairstyle that Lake Street Dive's Nonesuch debut is named after, is the kind of one-sided Cubism-worthy 'do that requires unwavering self-confidence to pull off. The foursome is not referring to the demure, swept-to-the-side fashion Taylor Swift occasionally sports, but more the outré look of, say, Napoleon Dynamite's friend Deb. However, a side pony, for them, is really a metaphor for their philosophy and personality as a band, one that seamlessly incorporates R&B, pop, '60s-era rock, and soul into a unique, dance-party-ready mix.

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  • Featured Artist Lower Dens

    On Escape From Evil, Lower Dens' Jana Hunter emerges: cerebral and hot-blooded, rash and incorruptible, and, crucially, possessing of a loud, clear voice. The album sees Hunter stepping up and taking center stage, and emboldening every aspect of the band. Escape From Evil is a cinematic, tonally rich work. The sounds are clean and warm. The pulse of the album is strong. Melodies are potent and songs are physical. Lyrics are direct, frank confrontations with life's common crises.

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  • 5:30PM - 7:30PM Happy Hour Specials and Live Entertainment

  • 7:45PM Seating will begin

  • 8:30PM Concert Starts

  • Bars will be open till about 11pm